Proenza Schouler Beach Bag | Black Neoprene Summer Handbag with Mesh Pockets

Posted on: Jun 11

Proenza Schouler Beach BagWhen you think Proenza Schouler you probably think of the PS1. The label varies the fabrics and colors, but essentially its reputation has been built on the satchel. So it's refreshing to see the brand stepping out of its box with this beach bag.

This is a real departure for Proenza Schouler. The luxury materials it typically works with are replaced with a much more beach-friendly neoprene. This waterproof material is paired with a large mesh exterior pocket, which is perfect for stashing the items you need on hand.

The bag is very tall and barrel shaped, almost like the Speedo bags we all remember using as kids. The dimensions seem made for carrying a neatly rolled up beach towel along with other seaside essentials. There are two zippered pockets inside, and a separate one along the bottom for storing wet swimsuits.

I'm never a fan of drawstrings, but I think Proenza Schouler gets away with the casual closure here. They're difficult to manage on an everyday purse, but it's not like you need to repeatedly get things in and out of your beach bag. As you won't be using it too much, you probably won't mind the effort that a drawstring requires.

Unless you spend a lot of time on the sand you'll probably balk at spending $485 on this beach bag, but it's certainly a well made option for luxury lovers!

More Features of This Proenza Schouler Neoprene Bag

  • Patent leather trim
  • Two plastic vents
  • A D-ring
  • Carry on one shoulder or as a backpack
  • Measures 19 x 16 inches

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