Portero Sells Rare Vintage Whale Skin Hermes Kelly for More Than $7000

Posted on: Mar 10

Hermes bags are arguably the most famous handbags in the world, with long waiting lists and hefty price tags. While any Hermes accessories are exclusive, this rare vintage Kelly available on Portero takes that elite nature to a new level.

This ivory beauty is actually crafted from 100% whale skin. That won't impress animal activists, but remember that it was made in a different time when skins from many now endangered animals were used freely.

The purse features a coordinating whale skin handle, which makes the Kelly easy to carry over your arm or by hand. That stunning pale skin will no doubt need some protection, and the gold feet on the base are happy to oblige. There's more gold on the spindle clasp which secures the ivory chevre leather lined interior.

Handbag history like this doesn't come cheaply. Even at less than mint condition, you can expect to pay $7125 for this prized Hermes purse.

[Source: SoJones]
[Image Source: Portero]

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