Paul Smith Credit Crunch Tote Bag Affordable for Fashion Fans

Posted on: Dec 16

British handbag designer Paul Smith is helping us survive the credit crunch with this cheeky tote bag.

The basic black Credit Crunch Bag begs us to "keep your money in here," cheekily acknowledging that "it's safer." The reverse side features bold currency symbols printed in the same red text.

At around 15 by 17 inches, it's large enough to fit a small fortune inside. But you'd probably rather use it for carrying your groceries, gym gear, or a few shopping mall splurges. It's made from durable cotton, making it strong enough to handle a hefty load.

Paul says the bag is a response to the global panic over the economic downturn.

"The attitude we are taking to the credit crunch is: don't panic. Stick by your guns. Be brave. Be positive," he said.

The Credit Crunch Bag won't put you in a financial hole either. It's available from Paul Smith stores and online for an affordable 10 pounds.

[Source: Vogue UK]
[Image Source: Paul Smith]

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