Pacsafe CitySafe 100 Handbag | Stylish and Secure Anti-Theft Bag

Posted on: Apr 9

Fancy a night on the town, or a vacation to that exotic locale? We all do, but the harsh truth is even our favorite activities come with an element of risk. If you listen to the news it seems muggers are lurking around every corner just waiting to getPacsafe handbag their hands on your stuff.

But you don't have to let that stop you having fun thanks to this Pacsafe anti-theft handbag. Its revolutionary design includes four anti-theft features to ensure your valuables stay safe inside.

Most of us worry about thieves snatching things from the top of our bags. So it might surprise you to hear many crims actually target the lower half of your bag, slashing the bottom and stealing the contents before you even know about it. This handbag features special slashproof eXomesh guards, so you never have to worry about it happening to you.

This slashproof technology is also applied to this purse's shoulder strap. The handle is reinforced with high-tensile stainless steel wire to make it doubly secure.

When you're enjoying a meal with friends, or having a few drinks at the bar, it's easy to forget about your bag's safety. While your mind is on other things this Pacsafe purse has you covered. Loop the snatchproof strap around your chair or another secure object, and your handbag will take care of itself.

The subway, the markets, and the mall are all prime pickpocket locations. But you'll never have to worry, thanks to the Pacsafe hand bag's tamperproof zip. This clever zipper locks shut to keep out prying hands.

The Pacsafe CitySafe bag was designed with busy girls in mind. The generous main compartment and two inner zippered pockets provide ample storage room. A padded pocket is ideal for protecting your phone or camera, and you'll be thankful for the credit card holders, and key clip. There's even a penholder, so you'll never get stuck without stationery!

It's packed with features, but the CitySafe purse doesn't skimp on style. You'll love the timeless looks of this adorable bag. Choose from deep taupe, basic black, or racy red.

More Features of This Pacsafe Anti-Theft Purse

  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Made in China
  • Maximum strap length 42.9 inches, minimum strap length 24.4 inches
  • Measures 10 x 10 x 4 inches
  • Weighs 13 ounces

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