Necessary Objects Cleopatra Dome Satchel | Croc Embossed Patent Synthetic Handbag

Posted on: Jan 20

It's got a very regal moniker, but I can't imagine the stylish Egyptian queen carrying her Necessary Objects namesake!

This dome satchel is far too casual for royalty, and the materials frankly inferior. A purse fit for Cleopatra would surely use real crocodiles from the Nile rather than this glossy embossed synthetic. The manmade fabric does keep the price down, but since when would the Queen of Egypt bother pinching pennies?

Necessary Objects really sets itself up for scorn here. The Cleopatra isn't a bad handbag, but it's not one of the label's best. The bag might cost just $60, but the shiny fabric makes it look even cheaper. The shape, with its uniquely curved top and slouchy body, does try to take some risks. However, I'm not convinced by the silhouette.

Still, this bag does everything you could ask of it. It's a generous number, with plenty of pockets inside to make organization easy. The straps are long enough for slinging over your shoulder, and the colors conservative enough to work with any wardrobe.

You might not look royal carrying it, but the Cleopatra is an affordable option for regular gals.

More Features of This Necessary Objects Croc-Embossed Satchel

  • Plainweave lining
  • Zip top closure
  • Dual handles with a 7.5 inch drop
  • Measures 10.75 x 15.5 x 3.5 inches
  • Made in China
  • Available in black and brown

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