Miu Miu Patent Leather Turn-Lock Bag | Shiny Lilac Handbag With Oversized Vintage Clasp

Posted on: Aug 12

Miu Miu is a fabulous line, but sometimes I find its work to be inconsistent. It usually stays right on the edge of trendiness, but sometimes it veers off into almost tasteless territory. I, for one, am seriously disappointed by the design of this patent leather turn-lock bag.

First of all, the pale purple here is hideous. I don't have anything against pastels, but this color reminds me of cheap, powdery grape bubblegum. Not to mention the fact that it's neither neutral enough to be a staple everyday bag nor eye-catching enough to be a statement bag. In this case, taking that middle road equals boring.

The shape of the bag is that of a traditional satchel, and I like it fine, except that it looks pretty derivative. Particularly in combination with the turn-lock, which Marc Jacobs has been using for several seasons. Seriously, Miu Miu, this looks like a Canal Street knock-off of a bag from MJ's Totally Turnlock collection.

To make matters worse, this bag costs $1,495! I promise you that you can find a designer derivative bag that looks just like this for under $40. Don't waste your money.

More Features Of The Miu Miu Patent Leather Turn-Lock Bag

  • 16" x 10" x 5" size
  • 5" strap drop
  • Internal pouch and zipper pockets
  • Fully lined in purple twill

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