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Posted on: Mar 3

I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I don't see Michael Kors as a particularly cutting edge designer who pushes the boundaries of fashion and makes people look twice. However, he's got his niche figured out and always seems to give us classy styles that aren't shocking but really can't be criticized.

It was hard to put that thought from my mind when I first saw this Rehearsal Satchel. It's not that I find it unappealing; it's just not amazing. I don't dislike it one bit, though.

Like all Michael Kors handbags, the Rehearsal is made from quality leather and completed with impeccable details that you'd expect from a designer bag that costs nearly $1400. I do like the bright, sunny yellow color, although this tote is also available in a few other colors too. If you're willing to shell out close to $3000, you can get the Rehearsal in trendy python.

The top has that slouchy drawstring look that we've been seeing a lot from Michael Kors lately, as in the Harrison and the Desert totes. The square-shaped handle rings are a nice touch as well as the logo-engraved handle anchor plates. I find myself scratching my head a bit about the side zippered detail, but the tassels aren't bad.

All in all, it's not the best I've seen from Kors, but the Rehearsal is a classic style that will probably last you for years. Plus, Victoria 'Posh' Beckham has been seen with it, which is enough to make some women pull out their credit cards faster than you can blink.

More Features of the Rehearsal Satchel

  • Soft, quality leather material
  • Silver hardware
  • Signature logo engraving
  • Studded and zippered details

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