Melie Bianco Amber Satchel | Snake Print Synthetic Bamboo Accented Handbag

Posted on: Jul 5

Melie Bianco Amber SatchelMelie Bianco does its best Gucci impersonation with this Amber satchel.

The affordable designer doesn't even try to pretend it's not ripping off the Italian brand's Bamboo purse. All those trademark details are there, from the rounded shape and flap to the bamboo handle and turn-lock clasp. But then I think Melie Bianco takes things a step too far by using snake-printed synthetic.

If this material was meant to look exotic, it well and truly missed the mark. The mottled finish just appears blotchy, and the synthetic has a really cheap, tacky sheen. We don't expect genuine snakeskin for $113, but I do expect something less obviously faux.

Melie Bianco does offer more than the average affordable label though. The Amber's base is protected by metal feet, and its interior is well appointed. There's also a long, adjustable strap, which is sure to be more practical than that pretty bamboo handle.

If you can afford Gucci prices I doubt you'll look at the Amber twice. But it does make a decent budget alternative if you're really set on that Bamboo tote look. Personally though, I'd cringe carrying something that's so obviously a designer fake. There's a fine line between inspiration and mimicry, but I think Melie Bianco has crossed it.

More Features of This Melie Bianco Snake Print Bamboo Satchel

  • Two pouch pockets and a zip pocket inside
  • A bamboo handle with a 5 inch drop
  • An adjustable strap with a 12 to 26 inch drop
  • Made in China

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