Maxx New York Wooster Satchel | Red Patent and Twill Handbag

Posted on: Nov 22

Vibrant bags are definitely in right now! Maxx New York has jumped on the bandwagon with this red Wooster satchel. What better way to brighten up a cloudy winter day than with a bright garnet-colored handbag?

The classic satchel shape has a spacious interior and contains multiple pockets including one the perfect size for your iPod. You'll find additional storage in the two exterior slit pockets on the front and back of this Maxx New York bag. The majority of the purse is made from Italian-coated twill with patent on the trim and double handles.

Pyramid-shaped studs on the handle anchors and patent trim accents add some edge to the Wooster. The gunmetal details take the purse from classic to a little rocker chic. With this Maxx New York handbag, you could dress either way depending on your mood and where you're going. Pair it with a little black dress and colorful shoes for a pop of color on a chic outfit. Accessorize a cropped leather jacket and skinny jeans with the Wooster for an edgier look.  

The inside is lined in a charcoal gray and closes with a zipper. A tag with the signature Maxx New York logo hangs from one of the handles. If you're looking for a more basic color, the Wooster also comes in black. However, the lipstick-red is a great option for the season and will coordinate well with many other colors. The Wooster satchel retails for around $160.

Features of the Maxx New York Wooster

  • Measures 17 x 6 x 10 inches
  • Double shoulder handles with 6 inch drop
  • Zip top closure
  • Gunmetal hardware

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