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Posted on: Jul 12

Marni Textured Leather ToteMarni seems to be taking sort of a Miu Miu turn, lately. In the 90s I might have meant that as a compliment, but currently what I mean is that it just can't be relied on. I actually quite like this bubble textured tote, but it's too expensive and not exciting enough to warrant its exorbitant price tag.

The bubbly black texture of the black leather on this bag is the best thing about it. The material is really cool, so that's actually saying quite a lot. I've never really seen anything like it outside of really avant garde circles, and Marni is definitely trying to bring it to the mainstream.

Unfortunately, in its attempt to make a sort of bizarre texture more palatable, it's made the rest of the bag totally boring. No, I don't mean minimal. Things that are minimal have clean lines and well-finished details. This bag puffs and bows in weird places and just looks generally sort of awkward. It's really unfortunate too, because it came really close to being awesome.

Not close enough, unfortunately, to come anywhere near earning the ridiculous $1,210 price tag. It's just uncalled for, and I, for one, am offended.

More Features Of The Marni Textured Leather Tote

  • 16" x 11" x 7" size
  • 9" strap drop
  • Fully lined

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