Marni Flat Leather Bowling Bag | Smooth And Sleek Tan Leather Bowling Bag

Posted on: Jul 22

Marni's style has been so diverse, lately, that I'm just not sure how to characterize it. Remember the totally amazing goat hair bag? Well, this sleek bowling bag is a far cry from that unusual piece, but it has a uniqueness all its own.

Marni has taken the classic bowling bag and flattened it out into a new, interesting style. Personally, I dislike the bulkiness of the traditional bowling bag, but love its curvy top and flat bottom, so I think Marni has made a wonderful choice here. The smooth tan leather is buttery soft and will go with absolutely everything.

Even though Marni has eliminated a lot of the bulk of the bowling bag, it is still very generously sized. You could even fit a small laptop in this bag, which is perfect, because it will go beautifully with daytime styles.

I love the lack of over-design on this bag. Marni has been really careful not to muss up the minimal look of this bag. The only embellishment is the silver-toned frame top, which adds to its streamlined appeal. This bag is a great combination of practicality and good looks in an on-trend color.

More Features Of The Marni Flat Leather Bowling Bag

  • 17" x 13" x 4" size
  • 8" strap drop
  • Blush shell interior lining

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