Marc by Marc Jacobs Packables Shopper | Yellow Striped Nylon Tote Purse

Posted on: May 31

Marc Jacobs Packables ToteMarc Jacobs is one of those rare designers that manages to turn heads no matter what he produces. Whether it's a high-class clutch or a casual nylon shopper like this Packables bag, a Marc Jacobs creation always has that certain something.

This isn't a piece of high-end fashion, but its quirky features help make it more than just another casual tote. The wide yellow stripes are very cheery, and they're set off beautifully by the delicate polka-dotted trim. The embossed Marc by Marc Jacobs nameplate is a subtle way for the designer to leave his mark without detracting from the design.

This sizable shopper is simple. In fact, some might say it's too simple. There's no clasp at all and the Velcro pocket inside has a big job to do. This pouch is probably inadequate for all but the most organized fashionista. But Marc Jacobs hasn't pretended this is anything but a basic bag, so perhaps we're being a bit unfair to expect all the trimmings.

Frankly I don't mind a bit of corner cutting when it's priced accordingly. While other designers slap a high price tag on anything bearing their name, this Packables shopper is quite affordable at $58.

More Features of This Marc Jacobs Striped Shopper

  • Dual straps with a 9 inch drop
  • Measures 16 x 17 x 4 inches

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