Manhattan Portage Pet Carrier Tote | Affordable Purple Nylon Dog Bag

Posted on: Mar 19

Manhattan Portage Pet CarrierIt might not embody New York style, but this Portage Pet Carrier from Manhattan is a cute way to ferry around your furry friend.

This is a smart pet carrier that's been designed with your favorite furball in mind. Its zippered top is made of a mesh material for ventilation. This fabric will help your pet keep his cool, regardless of the season. It's also quite spacious, and made to hold pets weighing up to 15 pounds.

Everyone knows pet smells can cling, but they're no match for the Portgage. Its nylon interior is easily wiped out, but if it needs a more intensive clean you can simply remove the bottom liner and pop it in the wash.

While the Portage is made for pets, Manhattan hasn't forgotten their owners. While the design isn't very fashion forward, it's available in a range of colors. I'm particularly partial to this girly purple and pink look, but it’s just one of five variations.

But this Manhattan Potage Pet Carrier is more practical than stylish, with long, easy to carry handles and a front pocket for your personal items. It's also relatively affordable at $85. Do you think your pup or kitty would approve?

More Features of This Manhattan Nylon Dog Carrier

  • Platform base
  • Measures 13.5 x 11 x 7.5 inches

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