Loungefly Hello Kitty City Bag | Embossed Black PVC Satchel

Posted on: Feb 29

Loungefly Hello Kitty SatchelI generally believe grown women should steer clear of handbags that pay homage to cartoon characters. However this Hello Kitty satchel from Loungefly has encouraged me to change my tune.

I still believe my rule holds true the majority of the time, but this satchel is much subtler than most featuring animated heroes. The Sanrio cat's face is subtly embossed onto the black synthetic, while her signature bows create a pattern resembling traditional diamond quilting. It's such a clever design which pays tribute to fashion's traditions in a really playful way. The oversized pink bow hangtag is overkill, but it's easily removed.

The black color is low-key and sophisticated, and personally my pick of these satchels. It just appears a bit more grown-up than the purple version.

This is a mid-sized satchel, with enough space for everything you need and the pockets to match it. The rolled handles are too short to be truly practical, but they suit this satchel's retro feel.

My inner fashion snob wishes Loungefly employed authentic leather rather than PVC. The manmade material is a bit thin and too shiny to really impress. However for just $62.50 bargain hunters will probably feel the compromise is worthwhile.

More Features of This Loungefly Embossed City Bag

  • Zip closure
  • Fully lined interior
  • Measures 13.5 x 9.5 x 8 inches
  • Comes with a dust bag

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