Louis Vuitton Suhali L’Ingenieux PM Bag | Plain Brown Goatskin Vintage Satchel Handbag

Posted on: Jan 7

As prominent logos are falling out of favor, a bag like the Louis Vuitton L'Ingenieux becomes an appealing proposition.

With its plain brown surface and fairly traditional shape, this is an easy bag to pass over. In fact, no matter what its name suggests there's very little ingenuity applied here. But when so many Louis Vuitton handbags are covered in that time-honored brown and tan signature print, there's also something refreshing about the L'Ingenieux's simplicity.

The surface may be basic brown, but there's nothing boring about it. This is high quality goatskin, shining in its natural state without chemical treatments. That back-to-basics approach makes the goatskin extra supple and durable. It makes you wonder why designers don't do it more often!

The luxury skin is enhanced with antique brass hardware, with a polished gilding finish for extra luster. The vintage-inspired S-lock closure, the Viennese clasp inside, and the engraved LV studs on the base are the little touches which remind us this is a luxury purse.

But of course, those luxury touches come with a luxury four-figure price tag. You wouldn't expect anything else from Louis Vuitton, would you?

More Features of This Louis Vuitton Goatskin Bag

  • Zip pockets at each end
  • Tinted edges and contrast stitching
  • Dual rolled handles
  • Measures 12.5 x 6 x 8 inches

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