Lily Waters Terri Triple Take Wristlet | Practical Patterned Cotton Purse

Posted on: May 24

Lily Waters Terri Triple TakeI'm not sure it'll turn as many heads as its name suggests, but there's a certain charm to the practical Terri Triple Take.

As far as its looks go, this really isn't anything we haven't seen from Lily Waters before. It's got familiar floral prints in a vivid rainbow of colors. Its fabric is stitched with traditional diamond quilting. You know the drill. Fans will appreciate her dedication to her design vision, but it's not likely to win over any new customers.

The Terri Triple Take's configuration is more exciting to me. Ordinarily Lily Waters makes stock standard designs, so I'm thrilled to see her make a wristlet that delivers a bit more than the average. This one actually has three separate compartments, so we can fit more inside than we'd expect and still stay organized. The wrist strap is also detachable so you can work this purse as a clutch if you prefer.

We can always count on Lily Waters accessories to be as cheap as they are cheerful, but I didn't expect this purse to be just $22. Now that's worth a triple take!

More Features of This Lily Waters Quilted Wristlet

  • Measures 0.5 x 6 x 3.5 inches
  • Available in four different patterns

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