LeSportsac Morgan Mini Backpack | Whimsical and Practical Nylon Bag

Posted on: May 5

I wouldn't call a backpack a necessary accessory unless you're a student or you find yourself hitting the trails often. However, when an event calls for such a practical means of toting your stuff, a backpack can be seriously handy.

The LeSportsac Morgan backpack in black and white, with just the tiniest bit of yellow thrown in, might be as classic as this style of bag will get, besides going for a solid leather one. The whimsical print, Delight, is slightly cutesy, but not nearly as juvenile as something like the Juicy Couture Puffed Backpack.

The pattern is full of flowers and other shapes, which could be busy in bright colors but manages to be somewhat abstract in this simple color combination. Although it's a mini, the Morgan is still practical with its weather-friendly nylon exterior fabric. It becomes even more convenient when you realize the inside is lined in nylon as well. I can imagine how many moms, hikers, and maybe even messy people would appreciate that unexpected feature.

As you'd expect, the Morgan Mini backpack has a zippered pocket on the outside for storing small items that would normally be lost at the bottom of a bag. You won't be able to tote around more than a few books and a handful of other stuff, but it's a easy way to travel not to mention affordable at only $68.

More Features of the Morgan Mini Backpack

  • Measures 10 x 11 x 4 inches
  • Durable nylon material
  • Zip closure

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