Kensie Girl Babyface Grommet Crossbody | Retro White Pleather Handbag

Posted on: Sep 16

Kensie Girl Babyface Cross-BodyAs a thirty-something I tend to look down my nose at many youth lines. They often seem too cutesy, and too desperate to meet the approval of budding young fashionistas. Standing high above the the try-hards is Kensie Girl, a fashion house that makes me long for my younger days. This Babyface Grommet Crossbody is another fun accessory from the youthful fashion house.

The oversized grommets dotting this purse give it a fun retro feel. Using grommets of different sizes gives the Babyface a playful quirkiness that's so appealing. These metal details are organized on a simply shaped cross-body, ensuring we focus on what's really important.

The colorfully printed interior is packed with enough pockets to handle a cell phone, a small camera, and other teen essentials. These pouches are reinforced with synthetic to help them survive the punishment that any young girl dishes out.

Fashion snobs may scoff at the use of synthetic rather than real leather, but it's actually a smart choice here. Firstly it's a much cheaper material, which is entirely appropriate when you're appealing to a teen audience. It's also easy to take care of. Ordinarily I'd get nervous about a white handbag, but I've got no such concerns here as this one will simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.

More Features of This Kensie Girl Grommet Decorated Cross-Body Bag

  • Zip closure
  • Measures 2.5 x 11 x 11 inches
  • Also available in aqua splash

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