Kathy Van Zeeland Lounge Lizard Tote | Bold Zebra Print Shopper

Posted on: Feb 17

Wow, a lizard textured bag that is zebra print at the same time? Generally this would be a fashion catastrophe, but Kathy Van Zeeland has managed to make it work.

I think the good quality synthetic leather makes a difference to the success of this shopper. It means that the bag is soft and slouchy, and that the lizard print  blends into the fabric rather than standing out dramatically. The subtle texture therefore works with the bold animal print, rather than working against it.

If being brave in black and white isn't your thing, then you may well feel this shopper is a little ostentatious. When you think about it, however, there is nothing other than the print grabbing attention. The shape is soft and simple, the handles are sensible, and the pockets are useful. It isn't trying too hard, and I think this means that it looks good rather than over-the-top.

I am not completely convinced by the contrasting floral lining, but then I am not a fan of combining prints anyway! Still, for $89 this Lounge Lizard shopper isn't at all overpriced.

More Features of this Kathy Van Zeeland Zebra Print Tote

  • Also available in iris, white and black.
  • Soft floral lining
  • Faux leather exterior
  • Multiple pockets

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