Juicy Couture Go Steady Key Purse | Overdone Velour Coin Wallet

Posted on: Jan 6

Juicy Couture Go Steady WalletWith this Go Steady wallet, Juicy Couture encourages us to continue our recent love affair with the label. Sadly though I think the passion might be fading.

For some time now we've marveled at the way Juicy Couture has moved from tacky pink velour accessories to much more refined handbags. However in my opinion this wallet is a step backwards. The velour is back, and so is the over-embellished design. Did we really need all those charms, and the large tassel on the zipper? On a larger wallet the details may have worked, but here it seems like way too much.

In contrast to its exterior, the Go Steady's main compartment is very basic. There are no pockets, no credit card slots, nothing but fabric lining. That makes it perfect for some coins and your keys, but not a lot else.

I suppose we should be grateful the Go Steady's not pink, but that's small consolation really. While we're looking for positives, it's also cheap at $48. That's still not enough to sway me, but it's a real plus for Juicy Couture fans.

More Features of This Juicy Couture Velour Purse

  • Measures 5 x 3.5 x 0.5 inches
  • Made in China

Get this Juicy Couture Go Steady Handbag:

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