Jimmy Choo Batheth Large Snakeskin Trimmed Raffia Tote | Loud Animal Print Tote With Snake Trim

Posted on: Jan 23

Jimmy Choo Batheth Large Snakeskin Trimmed Raffia ToteJimmy Choo walks a sort of interesting line as a fashion house. Its classic work is prized by posh fashionistas from the Upper East Side to the Left Bank, but it sometimes veers off into very bold territory. The drama of the Batheth tote makes it the kind of bag that you'll either love or hate immediately.

I've never really seen raffia used this way before. Usually, it's a material that I think should be reserved for basket weaving, but printed in high contrast snakeskin it looks pretty fabulous. The natural texture of the raffia also helps the snakeskin look somewhat more authentic, although you would never mistake it for the real thing. The black elaphe trim adds a touch of genuine luxury and brings out the nuances of the overall pattern.

The style of the Batheth is familiar. Choo makes a lot of bags that have a similar design. I'm not always a fan of non-functional shapes, but the Batheth needs these edgy little extras to make it work. The size is such that you can easily run a day's worth of errands with it, but not so large that it will become uncomfortable to carry.

$1,250 isn't much to pay for a Choo bag. The raffia used in place of snakeskin keeps the price low, but the style high. It won't be quite as durable as a skin bag, but it will definitely hold up for a decade in terms of both materials and style.

More Features Of The Jimmy Choo Batheth Large Snakeskin Trimmed Raffia Tote

  • 13" x 14" x 7" size
  • 9" strap drop
  • Fully lined in beige suede

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