Jessica Simpson Fonatana Satchel | Quirky Wood Handled Purse

Posted on: Feb 28

Jessica Simpson Fonatan SatchelI've always considered Jessica Simpson a fashion follower rather than a design innovator. Her handbags are nice enough, but they generally seem like affordable alternatives for recessionistas rather than serious fashion contenders. However the pop star's Fontana Satchel has forced me to change my tune.

It's not the prettiest satchel on the block, but its unique design is still likely to turn a few heads. Its unusual gathered body is paired with vintage style wooden handles. These might be a bit awkward to use if the Fontana is packed full, but as they're polished smooth they should feel good in our hands. And if the satchel is packed to capacity, we can always attach the cross-body strap.

While Jessica Simpson has taken an uncharacteristically daring approach to the Fonatana's exterior, inside this satchel is pretty standard stuff. While its lining it a bit thin, as the ones in Jessica Simpson bags tend to be, its array of pockets are just what we need to keep this space in order.

Any bag costing less than $100 represents value, but that goes double when it makes a style statement as strong as this Jessica Simpson satchel.

More Features of This Jessica Simpson Wooden Handle Satchel

  • Magnetic closure
  • An exterior rear zip pocket
  • Measures 5 x 15 x 9 inches

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