Jesselli Couture Blues Satchel | Boho Velvet Paisley Purse

Posted on: Sep 10

Jesselli Couture Blues SatchelIt might not be very high class, but my inner boho chick has fallen in love with this Blues Satchel from Jesselli Couture.

This bag is a real free spirit, with colorful embroidered patterns decorating its rich teal velvet body. The accents perhaps are more fashion throwback than retro cool, but there's a certain charm to them. I could have done without the tassel hanging down from one side, as I think it takes this satchel into kitschy territory, but you could easily ditch it with a quick snip.

It looks like an open topped purse, but there's actually a sunken zipper hidden away. I really appreciate that because the design remains clean, but security isn't compromised. This Blues bag is enormous, but its array of interior pockets ensures it stays manageable. I also appreciate the long shoulder straps with their cute stitched edges. They're as fun as they are functional!

Modern misses may snub this satchel but I appreciate its retro appeal, especially for an affordable $117.

More Features of This Jesselli Couture Retro Satchel

  • Made of 100% cotton velvet
  • Plainweave lined interior
  • Measures 13.5 x 19 x 6.5 inches
  • Made in India

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