Hobo International Rachel Wallet | Vintage Red Leather Kiss-Lock Clasp Purse

Posted on: Nov 21

Hobo International Rachel PurseHobo International takes us back to a time before credit and store loyalty cards with this Rachel wallet.

This purse wouldn't look out place on the set of Mad Men, with its traditional tri-fold design and brushed antique hardware. I particularly like this red leather version, perhaps because I can imagine how beautifully it'd work with some 50s style lipstick. This is the most vibrant of the bunch, which also includes a rich teal called Celeste, stone, chocolatey mocha brown, and basic black.

Whichever one you pick you'll enjoy the modern organizational features, including the credit card slots and secure zippered pockets. There aren't a lot of them, as you might expect from a wallet so small, but the features should hold your financial essentials just fine. Just make sure you keep those cards well away from the Rachel's magnetic closures. More than one disappointed fashion fan has found their cards wiped from lack of care.

At $118 the Rachel is a little expensive for a wallet, but it's so well made and timeless than it's probably worth the extra coin.

More Features of This Hobo International Tri-Fold Wallet

  • Fabric lining
  • A complementary mirror
  • Measures 4 x 4 inches

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