Hilary Radley Limelight Buckle Satchel | Belted Brown Nylon & Synthetic Handbag

Posted on: Apr 1

Hilary Radley Limelight SatchelHilary Radley clearly wanted its Limelight bag to stand out, but sadly I think this one's grabbed the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

I suppose the synthetic belted buckle and accents were designed to dress up the Limelight's nylon body, but sadly these details end up looking like a straitjacket. I can just see that humble nylon bag underneath busting to break out!

While the design doesn't rev me, neither do the color combinations. Hilary Radley opts for earthy tones which are just a bit boring. I think the only way to approach such an unusual style was to offer some unexpected colors. Just imagine how funky this bag could look if it were in teal with hot pink accents, or sunny yellow with purple straps. Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself, but it seems strange to pair such a unique design with such a drab palette.

I can see potential in the Limelight, which is only reinforced when I look inside. It's spacious but not overwhelmingly large, especially with the zippered pouch dividing the interior. There are more pockets packed into the walls, and a magnetic snap to keep everything safe inside. The nylon base will make the Limelight lightweight, but there's also a longer attachable strap to make carrying it a bit easier.

At $95 this Hilary Radley bag is affordable, but I'm still not sure it has the stuff to convince us to part with our cash. It delivers on a practical front, but its style lets it down.

More Features of This Hilary Radley Front Buckle Satchel

  • Dark nickel toned hardware
  • Cotton/nylon blend fabric
  • Dual handles with a 9.25 inch drop
  • Measures 10.5 x 13 x 4 inches

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