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Posted on: Feb 1

Hello Kitty I Love Nerds iPad CaseDo you love nerds? If so, then this fun and not-a-little-silly iPad case may well be made for you!

With the dawn of the tablet computer (computer? phone? notepad?), the world of laptops and technology carry cases has been kind of thrown up in the air. The handbag world needed to invent a perfectly Apple-sized container for a potentially massive market, and it took them a surprisingly long time to get around to the task. Finally, however, there are a good few options on the market.

Whilst many designs are corporate and boring, the Hello Kitty option is anything but. It appeals to your inner geek and lover of technology (and consequently, to all iPad owners by default), whilst at the same time being cheeky and fun. If you hate Hello Kitty the design will put you off (and it does make it pretty girl-centric), but otherwise you may find this Loungefly case charmingly kitsch.

Considering it costs $49.95, this isn't the cheapest techie accessory on the market, especially as it is PVC. Is the design enough to make up for that?

More Features of this Hello Kitty "I Love Nerds" Case

  • Other pattern/slogan cases available
  • PVC leather-look exterior
  • No additional interior pockets

Get This PVC iPad Cover:

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