Harajuku Lovers Yippie Tote | Two-Way Cotton Canvas Typography Bag

Posted on: May 28

Harajuku Lovers adds a little extra versatility to the traditional cotton canvas tote with the Yippie bag.

From first glance this looks like any ordinary tote, albeit with that Harajuku Lovers flair. Fans of the brand will love the retro rainbow toned lettering which covers the black bag. It's a busy print, but one that I think adds real character to this simply styled tote. So it's disappointing to see that the print isn't continued on the back. We really need something to spice this space up, although for just $38 we can't really expect it.

While the print is fun, the most intriguing part of the Yippie is its dual carrying options. There are four straps provided: two short handles and two longer shoulder straps. You can just tuck the straps you're not using inside for a clean look.

The interior is generous but simple. The one pocket is probably a bit inadequate if you hope to fill the tote, but at least it's secure. That's a real plus considering the tote's main compartment has no closure or clasp.

It has its flaws, but for the price there's a lot to like about the Harajuku Lovers Yippie.

More Features of This Harajuku Lovers Two-Way Tote

  • An interior pocket with a Velcro closure
  • Measures 18 x 13 x 6 inches

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