Tory Burch Copying Anya Hindmarch | Knock-off Handbags or Coincidence?

Posted on: Oct 27

Let me begin this post by saying this: I am only suggesting that some Tory Burch bags are similar to some of Anya Hindmarch's designs.

Whether or not the similarities are mere coincidences, a form of flattery or an attempt at knocking off designs is debatable.

While Tory Burch has made a name for herself with casual, logo-emblazoned totes and shoes, she's also gained a reputation in the fashion world for claiming 'trademark infringement'. Last year Burch filed a lawsuit against makers of shoes eerily similar to her 'Reva' ballerina flats, and, frankly, she was quite justified.

It seemed as if everyone had jumped on the knock-off bandwagon, from Steve Madden to Payless, just to cash in on Burch's now-famous 'TT' logo. This back story is useful when you examine Tory's latest handbag collection and compare it with Anya Hindmarch's.

Tory Burch bags

Anya Hindmarch bags

These bags are a bit of a departure from Burch's established line. They're classically structured and feature a different take on her label's logo. Her Graduate's Doctor bag, Horseshoe hobo and Mick clutch bare subtle resemblances to Anya Hindmarch's Shirley satchel, Casati hobo and Slade bag.

While no designer has proprietary rights to silhouettes such as the satchel, hobo or classic handbag, the design similarities, taken in conjunction with Burch's logo redo (very similar to Hindmarch's famous logo plate), are enough to raise a few red flags.

I have my opinion as to whether or not Tory Burch's bags are a sincere form of flattery or knock-off attempts, but I'll leave the final word on the subject up to my discerning readers. How about it, ladies. What's the verdict on these bags?

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