Gucci GG Running Tote | Conservative Ladylike Black Leather Carryall

Posted on: Jan 31

Gucci GG Running ToteGucci is back this season in a major way. Only it doesn't seem to have some new revolutionary design sense. Actually, it seems like a replay of greatest hits from its glory days as a conservative luxury icon. This GG Running tote is perfectly chic, but a little on the ho-hum side.

The super smooth texture of the black leather on the GG Running tote screams "old lady" to me. Actually, it's the smoothness of the leather contrasted with the prominent stitching that really does it. This is not necessarily a bad thing. If you have quirky preppy taste, or a penchant for vintage styles, this bag could really work out for you in a major way.

The shape is also very retro. Actually, when you say "handbag," this shape is the shape that I think of. It's the shape of every bag my grandmother has owned since 1953, I think. The belted closure adds another dose of vintage flair, although flair may not be the right word. It's more like a teeny tiny flourish with an oversized logo that lets you know the pedigree.

Everything about this bag is classic, including the $1,780 price tag. While it may not look like the most modern accessory, it has a certain je ne sais quoi that is really appealing.

More Features Of The Gucci GG Running Tote

  • Internal zipper and pouch pockets
  • Fully lined in stone canvas

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