Furla Ninfea Grande Shopper | Large Leather Handbag with Resin Chain

Posted on: Mar 15

If you're going to get a large leather shopper, it might be a good idea to look for one in a neutral color so it won't overwhelm an outfit due to its sheer size. Of course, sometimes a big bright or patterned bag like the Cole Haan Genevieve Plaid is great for spicing up a neutral outfit.

However, if you want that versatile shopper tote that you can grab for almost any outfit and stuff with everything you can imagine, something like the Furla Ninfea Grande is ideal. The pebbled, ivory-colored leather is just about guaranteed to accessorize whatever you pull out of your closet.

Yes, it is neutral, but just because it's a basic color doesn't mean it's all about blending in. There are a few details that give it some interest. Besides the silver-toned hardware, a dark brown resin chain that weaves through the top of the bag is the only contrasting color, which makes the feature stand out.

The slim double handles seem a little out of proportion for the oversized shopper, but thankfully there is an attached longer strap that gives you more support as well as options for carrying. Most large handbags these days offer this convenient single strap. I only wish the one on the Furla Ninfea were detachable like many others. This large leather handbag retails for just over $600.

More Features of the Ninfea Grande 

  • Measures 18 x 10.5 x 5 inches
  • Double handles with 8 inch drop
  • Three compartments with middle zipper

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