Donna Sharp Hipster Handbag | Budget Cute Pink Spotted Fabric Cross Body Bag

Posted on: Mar 3

This Donna Sharp Hipster bag is a world away from Abas' Becca we looked at recently. While the Abas bag is all luxury, this Donna Sharp cross body is cheap and cheerful.

While Donna Sharp skimps on the materials, the designer doesn't skimp on quality. The Hipster is basic but well made. The styling isn't all that exciting, so it's left to the patterned fabric and metal capped tassel to jazz things up. I love the girlish charm of this spotted Pink Lemonade print, but Donna Sharp offers many more designs if this one isn't for you.

I was surprised to see so many practical features included for this price. I wouldn't ordinarily make use of an external slip, but since it's placed on the back I feel a lot more confidence. The pocket will set against your body, naturally protecting your keys and loose change. If you'd prefer more security, look inside. This fabric lined space closes with a zip for your peace of mind.

For $30 you don't get a lot of bag for your dollar. It may be small by modern standards, but the Hipster is well appointed and quite cute. Pair it with jeans and a retro tee for a fun, casual look.

More Features of This Donna Sharp Spotted Cross-Body Bag

  • Fabric lining
  • An adjustable long strap
  • Measures 9.5 x 0.2 x 9 inches

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