Dolce & Gabbana Studded Wallet | Luxury and Expensive Goatskin Purse

Posted on: Mar 10

This is a studded and edgy beauty from talented fashion house D&G.

Studded and gorgeous this may well be, but even soft goatskin leather and row upon row of rock chick metal can't make me believe that it is ever EVER alright to spend $695 on a wallet. But, then again, I don't have $695 to my name, which probably makes me a little biased towards the cheap and the stylish. I like copies of these purses, ones that are slightly worse quality but a whole lot less pricey!

Absurdly high price aside, I can't deny that this wallet is nothing short of stunning. It stands miles apart from the boring purses and wallets that grace our handbags, and it is even kind of unisex, perfectly fitting modern girl and grungy boy to a tee. It is also functional, although not especially so; you get no more than the typical card slots, and not even space for some change. Maybe you just aren't meant to have any cash left once you have bought it!

Ridiculous but stylish, this is the wallet for a true millionaire.

More Features of this Luxury Dolce & Gabbana Wallet

  • Multiple interior slots and compartments
  • Made from soft goatskin leather
  • Studded exterior

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