Dolce & Gabbana Lily Calfskin Satchel | Western Cutout Luxury Tote

Posted on: Mar 9

Well, this is slightly more ostentatious than most of the highly expensive handbags in the Dolce & Gabbana range.

Of course, ostentatious doesn't necessarily mean anything bad. In fact, if you want a designer bag that costs over $1600 to get noticed, then having one like the Lily bag is a good idea indeed. The high quality leather pattern cut into the simple satchel not only shows the skilled workmanship, but is in an unusual enough color set to be quite obvious.

Obviously this is a costly piece of kit, but I do have to emphasize the thought that has gone into it. The thick strong leather, the delicate and tiny stitching, the strong reinforced base. Then you have the trio of compartments for organized women, both zipped in a gorgeous brassy gold metal. I do like the fact that this is practical as well as individual, with strong handles that should carry the full weight without too much trouble.

This is a complicated and stylish purse, that some will love and some will hate! Would you spend this much on it?

More Features of this D&G Calfskin Tote

  • Cut-out calfskin exterior
  • Three interior compartments
  • Dustbag included
  • Dual leather handles

Get this Lily Western-Inspired Satchel:

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