Christian Audigier Graphic Bowling Bag | Dramatic Studded Leather Black and Silver Hold-all

Posted on: Jun 27

As you all well know, handbags can sometimes by very expensive. Sometimes they can be very very expensive, but those are reaching prices us mere mortals can only dream of. Anyway, there are plenty of medium range handbags that still involve a certain tightening of the purse strings, no pun intended!

This studded bowling bag is one of those purses, clocking in at a heavyweight $180 - $300. Not cheap by any means. However, I must admit that whilst sometimes I understand the reasoning behind sky-high prices, with bags like this I simply don't!

It isn't that the separate features of the hold-all aren't worth the money. After all, the faux-leather is soft and luxurious, and the shape is not only practical but highly fashionable. Perfect for holding all (and I mean all) your worldly possessions that are left over after raising the cash!

The studding too is very in vogue, working well with the silver leather trim. In the same vein, the contrasting gold metallic logo print works brilliantly with the deep black background leather and gold zips. Unfortunately, combined they all just seem too much. It is positively overflowing with features! In addition, you would expect real leather on a handbag of this price.

A great and useful bag if you are a bold and brazen character; just don't expect this Christian Audigier bowling bag to be subtle!

More Features of this Graphic Logo Bowling Bag

  • Available in black or white
  • Contrasting faux leather trim
  • Light colored interior
  • Comes with a matching cash purse

Get this studded Christian Audigier hold-all:

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