Chanel’s Mallette en Cuir Noir | Classic Expensive Luxury Leather iPad Case

Posted on: Sep 12

Chanel has released an iPad case which is strictly for its most devoted fans. Who else would spend three times the amount of the technology itself for a protective purse after all?

Of course, as with any Chanel accessory this case, known as the Mallette en cuir noir, isn't without its charms. Its classic black leather with its quilted diamond stitching is enough to inspire envy in any onlooker.

The craftsmanship is as good as any we'd expect from the brand, and it'll only go out of fashion once the technology itself is replaced by something sleeker and shinier.

But it’s that price tag that sticks in my craw. I don't care how luxurious or well made it is; no gadget needs protecting by a $1555 case. Unless you're an ardent Chanel devotee, with more money than sense, you'll shun the Malette en cuir noir for one of the more affordable iPad cases on the market.

[Source: The Purse Blog]

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