Bebe Sunburst Hardware Tote | Monochrome Metal Decorated Affordable Bag

Posted on: Feb 17

bebe Sunburst Hardware ToteWell, there is certainly no debate over why this tote is named the Sunburst Hardware! Just one glance at it reveals such a concentration of metal and grommets that any other name would have been entirely inappropriate!

Considering the amount of metal bits and pieces covering the front of this tote, and the stylized sunburst design, it is surprising to note that it costs just $28.99. Sure the main material is leatherette rather than the genuine article, but you still get a lot more effort put into the looks than usual on such an affordable purse.

Of course, effort doesn't always mean success. Some people will love the metal covered design, but others like myself will find it a little too much. Perhaps the bright contrast between the white and black is what is putting me off; it makes the design stand out so starkly that it seems a little over-dramatic. Still, with the right type of toned-down outfit this monochrome handbag could look smart.

At this price point you are unlikely to get more decoration on a tote!

More Features of this Monochrome Bebe Tote

  • Leatherette exterior
  • Interior and exterior zipped pockets
  • Metal decoration with tassels and over-sized stitching
  • Black interior fabric lining

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