B Makowsky Barbara Cross-Body Purse | Grommet Decorated Stone Leather Flap Bag

Posted on: Apr 8

B Makowsky Barbara BagWith most of the fashion world starting to show signs of stud fatigue, designers are on the look-out for the next big thing. Early indications are the grommets might just take the title. B. Makowsky uses the cute metal eyelets to great effect on this Barbara cross-body purse.

This is just one of the many Barbara bags from B. Makowsky, but personally I think it's the best. Not so coincidentally, it's also the smallest. On a dainty stone leather canvas, the mix of grommets and studs doesn't seem overdone. I'm not always enthusiastic when designers mix metal, but on such a neutral leather the various shades add a subtle pop of color.

Aside from those accents this is pretty stock standard stuff. We've all seen flap bags like this before, but there's a reason why that style is classic. But taking the well worn path B. Makowsky helps the Barbara stand the test of time. I have a feeling it'll look fashionable, even when studs and grommets aren't.

If the stone colored leather was sending you to sleep, just take a look inside this purse. The leopard print lining really livens things up! This space isn't all about style though. The pair of open pouches and large zippered pocket help make it easier to get through our everyday.

At $158 the Barbara is an affordable way to indulge in the trends, without abandoning your classic sense of style.

More Features of This B Makowsky Grommet Decorated Cross-Body Bag

  • A hidden magnetic closure
  • An adjustable cross-body strap
  • Measures 10 x 9 x 3.5 inches

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