B. Makowsky Alexis Drawstring Shopper | Slashed Mustard Leather Chain Handbag

Posted on: Jul 29

B. Makowsky Alexis ShopperRemember when I wrote yesterday about the inconsistency of B. Makowsky's handbag collection? I should have known as I was singing the Varick satchel's praises it wouldn't be too long before the designer disappointed me. And he has with this Alexis shopper.

Like too many B. Makowsky bags, the Alexis is one of those accessories that tries so hard to be cool. By focusing on current trends it's become a purse that's destined to date. And even now while it's appearing modern, I'm still not sure that I like it.

The slashed leather is … interesting. I'm in two minds about it frankly. On one hand it brings some drama and texture to the design, but on the other I question hacking apart a luxury material like leather. It seems almost disrespectful to the cows that gave their life in the name of fashion. It also seems disrespectful to our wallets. We're still paying the big bucks, but the skin is so chopped up that we can't really enjoy its quality. To add insult to injury there's all that chain running all over the slashed section. It just looks so messy.

The Alexis isn't without its positives though. There are pockets in the front and back, and even more inside. Drawstrings are never my first choice of closure, but at least with a magnetic snap beneath it we're getting double security. I also appreciate the flat platform base, with its protective metal feet, and the long, flat carry straps.

But really, after destroying the leather I think B. Makowsky has a hide charging us $278 for it. That Varick satchel is looking more attractive by the minute.

More Features of This B. Makowsky Slashed Leather Shopper

  • Fabric lined interior
  • Divided interior
  • Measures 5 x 16 x 10 inches

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