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Posted on: Aug 26

For a while, I was becoming disenchanted with Anya Hindmarch. All spring and summer, it looked like she was just going to keep releasing canvas tote bags with kitschy prints at high prices. But fall has come, and her line just keeps getting better and better. This Carker tote is a great addition to her growing collection of fabulous accessories.

The distressed finish on this black leather bag gives it a well-loved look that is casual, but still chic. Unlike many of her bags, it's not covered with the signature Hindmarch bow embossing. She has restrained herself to just one simple embossed logo at the top and one on the clasp.

The shape of this bag is classy, classic, and also practical. Its large, rectangular silhouette lends itself well to holding books, files, and even a laptop, which makes it great for work. Plus the front pouch pocket will hold a lot of extraneous stuff, of which many happen to have a lot. But this bag is cute enough that you wouldn't want to just take it to work; it will be great for a lot of evening and weekend activities, too.

Considering the high quality of this bag, I'm willing to accept the $995 as somewhat reasonable.

More Features Of The Anya Hindmarch Carker Leather Tote

  • 13" x 10" 6" size
  • 5" strap drop
  • Internal key fob
  • Detachable shoulder strap

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