Anuschka Mini Multi-Pocket Flap Satchel | Rounded Hand Painted Leather Flower Purse

Posted on: Aug 6

Anuschka Multi-Flap SatchelI haven't always warmed to Anushcka's hand-painted bags, but this adorable Mini Multi-Pocket Flap Satchel has enough charm to win me over.

In many ways it doesn't stray too far away from Anuschka's formula. The watercolor painted design is familiar, as is the pebbled leather. But I love the way the curved flap of the front pocket mirrors the purse's rounded base. The pretty purple handles make it feel more modern than most Anushka's purses, and who can resist peacock feathers?

It's a mini purse, so we wouldn't expect a lot of space. I also didn't expect all the features Anuschka seems to have effortlessly incorporated. There are two full length pockets on the outside, and a well organized central compartment. We're treated to two zippered pockets, a pair of gadget slips, and even a holder for our keys. This is one of those purses which really does have a place for everything!

$175 is an affordable price for any leather purse, but when it's handcrafted and hand painted it seems like an even bigger bargain.

More Features of This Anuschka Mini Satchel

  • Magnetic closure to outer compartments
  • Zip closure in center
  • Measures 5 x 12.2 x 5 inches

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