Alla Leather Art Cosmetic Case | Red Leather Mirror Makeup Purse

Posted on: Mar 15

Alla Leather Art Cosmetic CaseOh my, this cosmetic case from Alla Leather Art looks like its fit for royalty! Thankfully it doesn't come with a king-sized price tag attached.

Seriously, can't you just imagine this elegant case sitting on the dresser of royalty-in-waiting, Katherine Middleton? She'd gaze at it as she brushes her hair, thinking about the right shade of eye shadow and lipstick to wear to the charity gala she'll attend later that night.

I imagine it'd look just as gorgeous on my dresser though. I love the way its golden trim contrasts against the pebbled red leather, and that little snap lock which keeps your cosmetics safely inside. Open up the lid to reveal the full length mirror underneath, a clever addition for those touch-ups on the run. Once it's opened that lid will stay upright, so using the mirror while you're applying make-up is a breeze.

This cosmetic case looks like it's meant to stay put, but it's surprisingly transportable. It'll collapse right down when it's empty for easy packing. Most of us probably won't use this feature though, as any time we want to move our cosmetics case we'll likely want to shift the make-up inside it too. Still, it's hard to criticize a label for offering extra features.

At $69 you can probably find cheaper cosmetics cases, but I doubt you'll find one as stylish.

More Features of This Alla Leather Art Leather Make-Up Purse

  • Fully lined
  • Measures 3 x 7 x 4 inches

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