Adidas Reilly Sling Bag | Black & Pink Sports Bag

Posted on: Jul 28

Adidas Reilly Sling BagFrankly I love gym bags just about as much as I love the gym, which is something like the way I love brussel sprouts and squealing children. However just like exercise, a sports bag like this is a necessary evil, and one that's made much more appealing when it has bold pink accents.

Those pink flashes might have attracted me to the Reilly, but it's got more going for it than some girlish flair. I really like the sling design, which is more manageable than the conventional sports duffel. While a pair of straps might have offered better back support, the single one is sturdy and quite comfortable to carry. As an added bonus it has a small built-in pocket for stashing an iPod or cell phone.

This little pouch is just one of many pockets the Reilly provides. It's a really well organized bag, which is more than we can say for many gym accessories. The mesh back panel helps your sweaty gym gear breathe, while the front compression pocket offers space for the items you want on hand. The zips are small and a bit flimsy though, so you'll need to treat them carefully to ensure they last.

You get what you pay for though, and at $55 Adidas isn't charging us a lot here. For that price we won't feel too guilty if we can't manage to stick to that exercise routine!

More Features of This Adidas Sling Bag

  • Measures 10 x 19 x 15 inches

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