Louis Vuitton Releases Limited Edition Christmas Chest with Ornaments

Posted on: Nov 24

Louis Vuitton is getting into the festive spirit with the release of this limited edition Christmas Chest.

Now when I say limited edition, I mean limited edition. Just five of the trunks were created by Louis Vuitton's Asnieres workshops. I'm not sure where they are now, or how you could get your hands on one, but I can only imagine they don't come cheaply.

It's a shame, because the concept is just darling. Each chest is crafted from the high-quality materials the luxury label typically uses for its iconic trunks. They're given an extra bit of Christmas cheer though as they're filled with hand-blown ornaments. The secure case with its individual ornament nests ensures that each precious glass creation stays safe once your tree is packed away. I'm sure it works a lot better than the shoebox I use to stash tissue-covered glass ornaments!

I don't expect to see it under my tree, but I’m putting this Louis Vuitton chest on my Christmas wish list anyway!

[Source: In LVoe with Louis Vuitton]

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