Angry Women with Handbags

Posted on: Jul 9

Handbag Fight Victim

These stories represent some of the most crazed bitch-
fighting women, bag crime and violent handbag horror.
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Bag Snatch Victim Fights Back

This bag snatcher got more than he bargained for when he took on one tough purse lover. When he grabs her handbag, she grabs it right back and won't let go. Not content with rescuing her prized possession, this tough cookie executes some killer moves and flips the thug on his head! I’ll bet she's cured him of those sticky fingers!

Sienna Miller Attacks Paparazzi with Purse

Sienna Miller

We all know Sienna Miller as a style guru who loves to tote beautiful bags by Balenciaga, Prada, and Yves Saint Laurent, but it seems she doesn't wear them just to look good. Handbags are her weapon of choice when it comes to fighting off the paparazzi and make bruise-worthy blunt weapons of destruction.

Sienna saw red when a snapper got too close in Los Angeles, swearing and hitting him with her pink purse. No photographers, or handbags, were harmed during the incident - not much anyway. Stuff

Great Grandma Fights Off Purse Snatcher

20-year-old Angelo Trujillo thought 83-year-old Bernie Garcia was an easy target. He was wrong. The young lout had a fight on his hands when he snatched the old lady's purse at an American gas station. But the great grandma refused to give in, instead squirting him with gasoline and holding her handbag tight. This tough old bird said she'd do it all again if she had to!

Women Fight Off Bag Thief with an Umbrella

Hot Umbrella Girls

When I saw Britney Spears attacking a photographer’s car with an umbrella I thought she was crazy. She probably was, but it seems I've underestimated the power of the humble umbrella.

Two Australian women had just left a restaurant in South Yarra, Australia when a man elbowed one girl in the face and tried to steal their bags! One girl then threw her bag on the floor out of reach of the mugger and then pulled out her sharp pointed umbrella which sent the mugger running. The Age

Bag Snatching Hustle Video

Women carry their whole lives in their handbags, so when they go missing the results are devastating. This video shows why it's so important to keep cool in this sort of crisis. It shows a brilliant con, where some scammers manage to steal a girl's handbag, and then through clever trickery get her pin number. As you watch it unfold you'll see why it's so important to always have your wits about you.

Handbag Heroines Apprehend Criminal

Danger Handbag Thieves

You wouldn't think girls out on a shopping spree would team together to catch a criminal running through the streets, but that's exactly what 3 women from the West Midlands in the UK did.

The police had been chasing this guy for some time, but they didn't have that secret weapon. When they spotted the criminal coming towards them the brave lasses beat the thug with their bags as he run through the street, slowing him down enough for the cops to nab him.

This guy didn't stay around to fight either, as soon as he saw those bags flying at his face he darted to the other side of the road, with angry bag waving women in pursuit. Don't beleive me? Watch the video of these girls bag bashing this runaway criminal.Channel 4

Grandma Takes Revenge on Impatient Driver

I'm not sure why there's some skateboarding footage at the start of this video, but stick with it. What follows is one old lady's attempt to combat road rage with her trusty handbag. Her victim is an impatient driver who obnoxiously beeps the horn of his Mercedes as she tries to cross the road. But she has the last laugh as she hits his sports car with her purse! I'm not sure if she caused any damage, but I'm sure she left an impression anyway!

Good Samaritans Recover Lady's Purse

Handbag Snatch

Who said chivalry was dead? Two Pittsburgh men showed there are still some nice guys out there by rescuing a woman's handbag.

The thief put up a pretty good fight, but the men, Greg Farrell, 29, and Kenny McGee, 24, managed to pin him to the ground and recover the purse. The owner's tears of joy were thanks enough for these modern-day angels.

"I walked up to her and said, 'Ma'am, would you like to have this back?' She mustered the cutest smile amidst her tears," Farrell told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

While this isn't exactly a story of crazed female violence its always nice to hear a heart-warming heroic story.The Pittsburgh Channel

Crazy Woman Hits News Reporter With Handbag

Don't you just love live news? It's so exciting because literally anything can happen, and it often does. Here a handsome young journo is supposed to be reporting about a new noise ordinance, but that story's a lot dryer than the way this report pans out.

The reporter barely manages to say two words before a woman starts to swear and him and attack him with her handbag! I'm not sure what he did to provoke her, but she looks pretty mad!

Woman Fights Off Bag Snatcher with a Mop

Mop Fighting Woman

Brenda Rappel from Tennessee had just finished shopping when she was jumped by a bag snatcher. Already not in the best of moods after losing her daughter just six month prior she was angry and ready to fight. Brenda only had cleaning products close by when a thief attacked her, but she found that a mop is a pretty handy weapon!

"I had just buried my daughter just six months prior and that came out, and all I had was the mop, and I was going to hurt him before he left," Brenda said.

While the criminal ran away from the furious mop waving women, handbag in hand, he was caught shortly after and Brenda had her bag returned.Eyewitness News

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  1. Tracey Says:

    I don’t know what that women was trying to prove hitting a news reporter but if I was in his shoes I would be suing her for hitting me with her purse.

  2. James Says:

    Why do Americans always jump at the opportunity to sue? What possible damage beyond a new haircut could he possibly sue for?

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