Sun N’ Sand Feline Face Coin Purse | Colorful Cat Shaped Money Bag

Posted on: Feb 14

Sun N Sand Feline FaceIt might leave traditionalists cold, but cat lovers and fans of kooky fashion are sure to embrace this Feline Face coin purse from Sun N' Sand.

The label typically offers casual beach-themed purses, but this is one is much more creative and off the wall. I can't imagine carrying a tote with this style, but as this purse will spend most of its life hidden inside a larger bag I'm seriously tempted. It might be a bit morbid to fish coins out of a cat's head, but as far as I'm concerned that only adds to the fun!

How exciting to see a coin purse that isn't round! The cut out shape makes an already playful purse perfectly whimsical. It's practical too though, with a zippered pocket sandwiched between the faces to keep your coins secure. This purse isn't very large, but as it's only meant for holding loose change it doesn't need to be.

This Feline Face coin purse is a bit of a fashion gamble, but it's a cheap one to indulge in. This bag is priced to sell at $16.

More Features of This Sun N’ Sand Colorful Cat Coin Purse

  • Made of canvas
  • Measures 4.5 x 2 x 3 inches

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